What is The Basic Role of CO2 in Photosynthesis?

As we know most life on earth depends on photosynthesis. This process is carried out by plants, algae, and some kinds of bacteria. Carbon dioxide (Co2) also plays a vital role in the process of photosynthesis. Do you want to know what is the basic role of Co2 in photosynthesis?

The process through which plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make food and oxygen in the form of sugar is known as photosynthesis. Co2 is a source of electrons in the formation of organic molecules.

It is taken in by plants as a form of inverse respiration. Through it, carbon dioxide is breathed in and oxygen is breathed out.

In this article, we will elaborate what is the basic role of co2 in photosynthesis. But before moving forward, first, have a look at exactly what is photosynthesis and why it is important. After that, we will explain the role of co2 in photosynthesis. So, let’s start to read it.

What is Photosynthesis?

It is a process through which green plants and microbes make food. They need carbon dioxide (co2) in the air. It enters the plant through leaves and water (H2O) from the soil and roots absorb it.

In this process, light is captured by chlorophyll in leaves. It combines water and carbon dioxide glucose (C6H12O6) and oxygen (O2). Much of life does not exist on earth without photosynthesis.

What is Photosynthesis

Why Photosynthesis is important?

As we know it is a process of how plants make food needed to grow and make flowers and fruit. There are several reasons which proved that photosynthesis has a lot of importance in our lives. But here we will discuss some points through which you will be able to know why it is important.

  • Food manufacturers want to improve the photosynthesis process to increase the productivity of crops.
  • The farming practices artificial sunlight for both indoor and greenhouse farming. So, a huge part of cultivation is depending on maximizing the photosynthesis process with the use of advanced techniques.
  • Many researchers are willing to enhance the photosynthetic rate of algae and bacteria. It is used to make energy and other useful bioproducts.
  • Many ecological researchers want to measure photosynthesis. It is best to monitor the health of ecosystems and the effects of climate change.

So, all these points tell us how much photosynthesis is important for our life. Now, let’s move to discuss what is the role of C02 in photosynthesis. So, before starting it let’s have a concept about what is Co2.

Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

Carbon dioxide is composed of two elements like carbon and oxygen. It is present at a ratio of 0.03% in the atmosphere. Co2 is released by heterotrophs through respiration. It is found in the form of a gas state at room temperature. Plants need co2 to form photosynthesis. The atmosphere of the greenhouse may be filled with additional Co2 to sustain and increases the rate of plant growth.


What is The Basic Role of Co2 in Photosynthesis?

In photosynthesis, Co2 enters through stomata and is attached to wet mesophyll tissue. After that, it is attached with green mesophyll tissue attached to the stroma. Co2 performs the following two functions in photosynthesis:

  • It synthesis glucose from RUBP. It is an organic substance that is involved in photosynthesis as the Co2 acceptor in plants.
  • It starts the reaction of glycolysis. It is a reaction of glucose broken down into pyruvate acid.

Properties of Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

Co2 is essential in the photosynthesis process and it has several properties. Here, we enlisted some properties of Co2 for better understanding.

  • The colorless and odorless gas
  • Non-flammable gas
  • Denser than air
  • The melting point of -5.56C and boiling point of -78.5C
  • The density of 1.977g/ml
  • Soluble in water and solubility increases if temperature increases

Uses of Co2

  • Used as a refrigerant
  • Used as a fire extinguisher
  • Used in promoting the growth of plants and greenhouses
  • Used in carbonated beverages
  • Released by baking powder or yeast
  • Plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen during the photosynthesis process
  • Used for preparation of fertilizers


In the end, we hope our study regarding photosynthesis and all its basic concepts helps you a lot. Carbon dioxide (Co2) is also an essential factor in the process of photosynthesis. Here, we have properly explained what is the basic role of Co2 in photosynthesis? So, this guide helps you a lot in understanding concepts.

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