SPAY India Overview | Best & Comprehensive Guide 2022

SPAY India Login is a Fintech company which is focusing on empowering over-seas Indians and other handicapped sections of the Indian economy. SPAY India is providing many services such as money transfer, AEPS, utility bill payment, mobile recharge, booking for traveling, insurance, and many others.

SPAY India is a Noida-based financial company that enables money transfers even for a person who does not have a bank account. It acts as a hub for many financial services too for all the people around the country without any discrimination in jobs and business.

What is SPAY India?

SPAY India is a worry-free financial platform that provides different services including bill payment, ticket booking, AEPS, recharge, and money transfer. This company gives a good incentive to agents and traders. It is a very innovative and profitable addition to the fintech market at the present time.

SPAY India

Earning money through SPAY India is very easy. Anyone can sign up for this service and earn a healthy incentive by becoming a retail distributor or a master distributor. This company follows a high commission policy for its retailers.

Services Provided By SPAY India

SPAY India is a very genuine and newest addition to the fintech market of India. It is the simplest and easiest financial technology company that provides services even to non-bank account holders.

It provides many services and helps especially expatriate population in many ways. Following are the best and most beneficial services provided by SPAY India.

  • Aadhar enabled payment system
  • Ticket bookings
  • Mobile and other recharge
  • Insurance payments
  • Utility bill payments
  • Easy money transfer
  • Above are some most used services provided by the company.

How To Register On SPAY India

If you want to become a master distributor, retailer distributor, or agent in SPAY India, you can get registered yourself in two ways.

  • Through the SPAY India website
  • By sending an email to the company
  • Both of the modes of registration are mentioned below step-by-step. Follow these easy instructions to register yourself.
  • Through the Online SPAY India website
  • Search for the official website of SPAY India
  • Hit on Contact Us button
  • A form will open on your screen
  • Enter your necessary details including your name, email, mobile number, etc
  • When you have done, click on submit button.

By Sending An Email

Write a mail to SPAY India at [email protected] which shows your interest in becoming a retail distributor, master distributor, or agent you want.

After sending the mail, you will be contacted on your phone by SPAY India, tell them about your ambition.

The company will do the verification process. When verification will be done you will be given a username and password. Use this user name and password to get access to SPAY India services. These are the steps you have to follow to become a retailer or distributor.

How To Login to SPAY India

If you already have got registered to SPAY India, you can easily log in to the website by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Jump to the official website of the company
  • There you will see a “Login” button, hit on it.
  • Enter your dedicated username and password
  • Hit on the Login button below
  • In seconds, you will be logged in to SPAY India

How To Download SPAY India Mobile App?

SPAY India also has an exclusive mobile app for its retailers. Through this app, agents can have access to all the features available on the official website on their mobile phones.

To download the mobile app of this fintech company, follow the simple steps instructed below.

  • Go to play store on your mobile and search for SPAY India in the search bar
  • Click on Install and wait for some seconds
  • The application will be installed on your mobile in a few moments
  • When it has done, open the mobile app
  • Enter your mobile number to get an OTP
  • Enter this OTP carefully

Now you are logged in to the mobile app and can use it easily.

Is There Any Fee For SPAY India Money Transfer?

On the official site of this banking channel, you will get to know that there is no fee for SPAY India money transfer. In simple words, you can make payments without any hurdle. But many customers have reported that they are getting some agent fee charts on their account after doing a SPAYIndia login.

Here is the chart that we have found on the internet regarding the agent fee for SPAY India.

Position Fee
Master Distribution 50000
Distributor 5000
Retailer 500

By connecting with SPAY for any of the above positions, you have to pay the fee. It is only applicable if you are looking to provide SPAY India com services from your outlet. If you just want to transfer money from your account to another bank account, you will not need to pay this fee.

The only condition when you are asked to pay a little fee is when you have crossed the sending or receiving limit. In such a case, you have to pay a minor percentage of the total amount to SPAY as an adjustment fee.

Final Wrapped

By reading the above blog, you must have an overview of the SPAY India app and money transfer methods. You only need to read this guide to understand all the services offered by SPAY for the intra-banking process. It would be simple to do because of the user-friendly application’s interface.

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