100 Best Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Quotes That Will Make Your Day

Let us help you through these Rip Wheeler quotes to be brave and courageous. Rip Wheeler is a character from the well-known American TV series “Yellowstone”. This marvelous role is played by Cole Hauser. Rip Wheeler is a ranch hand in Yellowstone and a very good companion of John Dutton.

He is an orphan boy and not a part of the Dutton family but he is the soul of Yellowstone. The character “Rip Wheeler” is portrayed as a brave and fearless man who protects the ranch from enemies. He is a very charming character as well who is full of wisdom and courage.

The character is performed in a very fantastic way by Hauser and the dialogue delivery is just perfect. Being a courageous and brute man, Wheeler often delivers dialogues that are full of inspiration and motivation.

If you too are a fan of Rip Wheeler and do not want to miss any inspirational quotes from the series, then this article will be worthy for you. This list of Rip Wheeler quotes will never let you feel down and de-motivated at any time.

These quotes are enough for you to get motivation and inspiration and will help you in a time when you are feeling very low. We have gathered all the Rip Wheeler quotes for you here on a single page to save your precious time.

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Rip Wheeler Quotes

I’m gonna give you one last chance. You leave now or you never leave.

I look at every day with you as a gift.

Be a man about it. Don’t scream.

You know what work is, don’t you?

It ain’t about the money, Walker. It’s about trust.

Boy, get over here. The only painless way to learn this lesson is to watch it.

Did y’all want revenge? Well, now you got it. There is a price to pay for revenge. Now, you gotta pay it.

Hey, you’re all I need. I’ll call you whatever you want.

I don’t need presents, Beth. Just you.

My tomorrows are all yours.

Getting in trouble is the only skill you got. The only difference now is you ain’t gonna get caught.

Baby, you’ve been doin’ whatever you want your whole damn life.

Maybe in a little bit. First, we’re gonna dance.

I love her, sir, and I’ll always take care of her.

It’s just, that I get mad sometimes, and this is how it comes out.

I don’t choose the way. I make sure no one questions yours.

Getting in trouble is the only skill you got. The only difference now is you ain’t gonna get caught.

We’re well past playing hard to get, don’t you think, Beth?

There’s no record that I even exist on this planet.

You see it’s the habit of living that you’re scared of losing that’s all.

Well, it’s hard to measure an ‘almost’ because ‘almost’ doesn’t matter.

I’m the one thing you can’t outwrestle here.

Jimmy, I’m gonna give you two choices, one is I take you and all this shit, and I drive you down to the Sheriff’s office, and it’s good riddance to your sorry *ss, or you prove that you deserve another chance. From what I can see, you don’t, but it ain’t up to me.

You want to fight somebody, you come to fight me. I’ll fight you all goddamn day.

I look at every day with you as a gift. My tomorrows are, well, they’re all words. There’s no word I’d rather call you if that’s what you want.

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