What is Payogel? Everything You Need to Know About it

We all know that gum paste is used to protect our gums and teeth. Gum paste strengthens our gums and saves them from cavities and tooth decay. The kinds of gum paste that contain natural herbal formulas are really beneficial.  Such gum pastes provide enough strength to the paste. It helps gently clean teeth and reduces bacteria and freshens the breath. Payogel is one of such gum pastes. The proper balance of natural products and essential oils in the formula helps us to have healthy gums and teeth.

Moreover, with correct proportions of herbs, these act as anti-bacterial solutions as well as antiseptics.

What is Payogel?

Payogel is actually an herbal gum paste. It is made up of natural herbs and can be used according to the prescription. This paste is normally used in massaging the gums and provides instant relief. It also helps to cure pyorrhea which is a disease related to issues like swollen gums and bleeding.

This gum paste has a unique and specific natural herbs constitution which includes Ashok, Lavang, and Jyotismati. Furthermore, the Payogel gum paste has some other very helpful ingredients. These help in killing bacteria or germs with the support of Satpodina, Vaviding, and Tejowati.

What is Payogel

It also assists the user to get relief from pain. Payogel gum paste helps in strengthening the gums too, as it also contains Bakul and Majuphal.  Well, now we know that this gum paste is used in treating pyorrhea as well as it is very beneficial in the treatment of toothache of wisdom teeth.

Triple Action Formula of Payogel

Payogel helps in instant cure and provides relief with the help of its triple action formula. Are you wondering to know what is the triple action formula and how it will help the user? Here we have described the three parts of this formula in a brief description.

  • Relief From the Pain

There can be different reasons for a toothache like almost everyone experiences toothache of wisdom tooth. Also, the pain may be due to inappropriate care of teeth and gums. In all such conditions, you need a toothpaste that can get you comfortable by relieving pain.

This gum paste helps in having instant relief from such pain because of Jyotismati, Ashok, and Lavang.

Payogel Relief From the Pain

  • Kills the Germs

Nowadays intake of junk food is comparatively high. The risk of germs increases because of fast food or not brushing your teeth regularly.  Payogel is really beneficial to kill germs as it has Satpodina, Vaviding, and Tejowati.

Kills the Germs

  • Provide Strength to Gums

Mostly we all face the issues like swollen gums or bleeding gums. Payogel contains Bakul and Majuphal. Due to these ingredients, this paste helps in strengthening the gums and reduces the risk of such problems.

Provide Strength to Gums

How To Use Payogel?

The most important thing to keep in mind is to use Payogel gum paste only when your doctor recommends it. Some ingredients of this paste are intense in their nature. No doubt, those ingredients can’t harm your gums normally. But they can be harmful if the intake quantity is higher than the required.

So, you have to be careful while using Payogel and tried to keep the quantity under the prescription amount. When you have the prescription from the doctor, you only need to follow these steps to use this toothpaste.

  • Squeeze the payogel gum paste on your palm
  • Use your finger to pick the paste and use it
  • You can also use your brush or any other soft equipment for this
  • Massage the inner as well as outer gums
  • Be gentle while massaging the inner side of your gums
  • Wait for at least 10 minutes and let the toothpaste do its work
  • Wash your face and gums properly with great care
  • Don’t use any harder object to do this


  • Never use a hard or sharp object while cleaning gums
  • Don’t use this toothpaste without prescription
  • Wash your gums properly to remove all the small parts of the ingredients
  • Use the paste at least 2 times a day for better outcomes or as per requirements by the prescription

Reasons To Choose Payogel

Payogel gum paste provides comprehensive therapy for bleeding gums, toothache, wisdom teeth, swollen gums, and pyorrhea. It is the best product for almost all the issues. Its further unique properties are mentioned below:

  • The paste is developed through unique trials and that’s why it is popular in the marketplace. This product has high-quality standards.
  • This gum paste is the choice of modern dentistry because it contains a natural source of tannic acid (Majuphal).
  • It has an ingredient known as Ayurveda (Bakul). It helps in maintaining the natural shape of gums.

Final sayings

At the end of this article, we can say that payogel gum paste is the perfect solution for all problems or diseases related to the mouth. It also helps in having fresh breath. The ingredients used in payogel, all are natural herbs. But it is advisable to use it as prescribed to you by your doctor. So, it is a well-recommended gum paste and is easily available in the marketplace as well as online.

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