Nikki Catsouras Death and Photographs Controversy

Nikki Catsouras was one of those teenagers who got a lot of popularity after getting died. She was a high school student when she got died due to an accident while she was driving on a road in California. According to the medical report, she lost control over Porsche that was her father’s car.

The accident was horrible enough that no one can identify that she was Nikki Catsouras, an 18 years old school girl. It is reported that the face of the girl was damaged badly even though her parents could not be allowed to see her.

How Did Nikki Catsouras Die?

Nikki Catsouras died on 31 October 2006 when she was driving her father’s car on a busy road in California. It was around 2 PM in the noon when she just picked the car after taking her lunch. She was not allowed to drive that car due to her unprofessional driving skills.

The girl picked the car keys without informing anyone at the home. When her mom comes to know that Nikki Catsouras had taken her father’s Porsche, she instantly called her husband to find the daughter. He contacted the quick response department to find her daughter and get the exact location credentials.

The operator kept her on hold to do this task and within two minutes, he was told that her car was damaged badly in an accident at 241 Toll Road. Nikki Catsouras was driving the car at the speed of almost 100 miles per hour on such a busy road.

She tried to cross an upcoming car from the right side when she lost control and went over the barrier. Unfortunately, there were no barriers in some parts of the road where she met with an accident. The car was damaged badly and no one can even recognize the car though.

What Was The Age of Nikki Catsouras?

The age of the girl was about 18 years only at the time of death. You can say that Nikki Catsouras might have just got the license to drive the car when it all happened to her. According to her parents, that was the actual reason why she was not allowed to drive her father’s car.

But she calmly tried to drive it and met an accident that lead her to death. Another big reason that medical reports had found behind the accident was the traces of cocaine. As per doctors and medical reports, Catsouras’s blood has minor traces of this material but there were no alcohol traces. That is why this reason is not discussed as much as the lost control reason is discussed.

How Did Nikki Catsouras’s Photos Get Leaked?

As we have mentioned that Nikki Catsouras’s body was damaged badly even though her parents won’t allow her to see her in that condition. At that time, some of the investigation officers took pictures of the body as well as the car for the record.

Beyond the laws, they shared those pictures with their colleagues. After some days, those pictures got leaked and went viral on the internet. Everyone was talking about that pretty girl and her horrible death. During the investigation of those photographs leaked controversy, some of the officers admitted that they have shared the pictures with their fellows.

Also, they admitted that those pictures went viral just because of their little mistake. That was the whole story behind the Nikki Catsouras photograph leaked controversy.

Reaction of Parents of Nikki Catsouras After Photographs Controversy

Like other people, you may also have this question in your mind. The parents of the girl filed a case against the investigation officers and the police officers who were present at the site of the accident. They requested the court to send them to jail as punishment because they have shared such awful pictures of their daughter.

Reaction of Parents of Nikki Catsouras After Photographs Controversy

When those officers were found guilty of this act, they were sent to prison as well as asked to pay a fine. Though they have done formal apology from the parents and got released on bail. But they were punished by the court for the first time when there is no apology or any act of this kind was done by both parties.

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