How to Get Ticketmaster Presale? Learn to Buy Tickets in 2022

Is it not obvious to get excited for a ticket to a show that is just announced? Especially, when the show is about your favorite actor or artist. If you are really interested in some event, you should book your seat in advance. Mostly, tickets are sold out quickly for some popular shows. It happens when there is a large number of fans and a limited number of tickets. So, you must know how to get presale tickets. In this article, you will know how to get TicketMaster presale step by step.

What is Ticketmaster?

There is a famous website known as Ticketmaster that is used to get presale tickets around the whole world. By presale tickets on TicketMaster, you will be able to secure a seat at the show before the general public on-sale. Well for presales you must have some secure link or password. These links or passwords are sent out by the venue, team, promoter, and artist or event sponsors.


How to Get Ticketmaster Presale?

In order to learn about TicketMaster, as you know, first, you should follow your favorite artist, their social media pages, or venues. By doing this, you will be able to keep an eye on the details that they share with their social communities about presales. In some cases, artists arranged presale registration periods for their fans.

Moreover, it is not possible to access the presales or tickets by visiting the main websites. You only can have tickets or secure links through some hidden links. A person must also be aware of the fact that gaining access to presale is not give you a guarantee about the ticket. It only gives you chance to book a ticket.

Such presales are typically available to some specific members of the artist’s fan club and users of companies like O2 and American Express. It all actually depends on the type of the event. The person who is eligible for a presale ticket will receive some link or password via email and then he can access the ticket.

Steps to Follow

You can buy a presale ticket on TicketMaster by following these simple steps:

  • Create the TicketMaster account. If you already have the account, just sign in.
  • If you follow your favorite artists or venue on social media, you will know the presale code.
  • After that, you just need to register for it.
  • You will see a link in the announcement. Just click there.
  • Then the customer registration page will be open.
  • Tell the TicketMaster to show the events of your interest.
  • Just submit your registration.

If you were invited you will receive a text message or email, a night before the sale.

Be careful about the message. This message will have a link to the shop or a unique access code. You can have a ticket only by using the information that is sent to you through a message.

Other Ways of Finding Out About the Upcoming Presales

As we all know that we need some unique link or password to access the presale ticket. There are different ways of finding out about the upcoming presales other than TicketMaster.


You should follow your favorite venues on social media and subscribe to their newsletter.  Most of the time, local venues typically announce the presale via social media or emails.

Event Organizers:

Sometimes event organizers also send updates about presales through emails. You just make sure that you are signed in in order to receive all email alerts about presales.

Verified Fan:

The events that used verified fans have their own customer registration pages which are accessible through links. Such links are included in announcements from artists or teams on social media pages.

Credit Cards:

Some credit card companies offer special access to presales for their customers. It is actually the reward for loyal cardholders. So, you should check your credit card company and ask for such an amazing offer.


Yup, it is a good source to get information about presales. Just listen to your favorite station. Also, follow them on social media pages. Keep visiting their websites in order to secure the passwords for presales.

What if You Don’t Receive Your Presale Ticket on Time?

Ticketmaster is actually the best platform to get presale tickets. However, in some cases it be can happen that you can’t receive your presale ticket on time because of some reasons like covid19.

In this situation, you can request a refund on TicketMaster by following some very easy steps that are mentioned below.

  • Request for a refund on TicketMaster
  • You can also make a request for a refund on TicketMaster in some situations like coronavirus.
  • Sign in to your TicketMaster account.
  • Then select your order to view the ticket.
  • Now select the refund button.
  • Choose the ticket for which you want to submit a refund.
  • Check the details and just submit.

So, you can receive your refund within 7-10 business days.

Request for a refund on TicketMaster

Final sayings

The best thing about getting presale tickets on TicketMaster is that fans can secure their seats before the general public. You can avoid crowded places where tickets go out for public sale, with the help of the TicketMaster. It is advisable if you buy tickets as soon as possible for an event. Because usually, presale tickets are in limited numbers.

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