What is Coldevprolayer & How Does it Work & Protect PHP Code?

People use new techniques to protect security codes. New advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, or ML not make cyber attacks tougher but also make them much easier. Coldevprolayer is a security tool formed to make security, encryption, or decryption easier.

This tool helps to make things more secure and encoded. Through it, PHP script automates the procedure of creating cold ee-commerce websites. Most people don’t understand what we are talking about and what it is. So, in this blog, we will discuss what it is and how it works or protect PHP code. So, let’s start reading.

What is Coldevprolayer?

This tool is the art of securing codes from hacking. Codes can be protected by modifying source code into others which is very tough to understand. It is the most effective process to protect codes from unauthorized accessibility. This free licensed tool is also termed runtime code transformation or JIT.

You can also set up trial and demo reports of your application without changing codes.  The application can be distributed with or without any source code. Assets can also be protected from any stealing by encoding your file into byte arrays.

What is Coldevprolayer

Your PHP source code or byte array can be encrypted and distributed on the web in the form of a license file. If anyone wants to get access to your assets he will get an error message. In this error message, it is reported that if you want access to protected assets you need a valid license key.

It also supports all binary formats. To make the distribution of your applications possible, it can design custom encrypted images. It is free for personal use. To use it commercially, you need to buy a commercial license from the website.

Support System

It is proportionally a new study to secure codes. But, its support system has some limitations which you should have to know before using it. Here, we listed a few limitations of this tool one by one.

It is very small in size and has only 38 stargazers with 19 forks. few developers are working on this study than others. In this context, you may face some issues with reliability or explore bugs that are unnoticed for a long period. It may also not much popular among developers so it has low updates or features as compared to others.

Support System

In the past 12 months, no new adaptations are created. Because it faces major issues regarding changes in API or updates of existing factors. Due to this, it makes your code more contrasting with new versions.

Purpose to Use Coldevprolayer

As we explained, it is a security or code-generating tool. It is used to protect PHP code with help of a hashing algorithm. There are several purposes due to which it is used. Here, we enlisted a few of them below.

Its main aim is to make it tough for hackers to examine the inner process of PHP code. It can be possible by running source code hard by an algorithm. It does not leave any traces for hackers through which they are unable to hack your code.


It is a package that naturally enfolds a PHP code inside the CFML tags. This tag was formed to help programmers to use PHP on the server side of the CFML app. It is an open-source package and can be downloaded from the website.

You can produce an arbitrarily key and stores it in the Metadata project. After that, a PHP tag is formed which consists of a based64 encoded format key. Inserts into script body before completing it.

How Does it Become Beneficial?

This security tool is more effective than others because it is a high-powered protection process. It remodels your code so it’s impossible to hack. There are several ways in which it becomes beneficial for users. Here we enlist some benefits below for a proper understanding of this security tool.

  1. Speed

It speeds up the procedure of converting codes. So, you do not need to wait for your code to be interpreted. The formation and distribution become faster through this tool.


  1. Inexpensive

This tool is not too much expensive. People use it freely or affordable for everyone to use. It is inexpensive and the cheapest way to protect your code.


  1. Extensible

It is an expandable tool and you can easily add more features to it. You can change it like how your code is transformed. It is the best way to update you with new and advanced technologies.


  1. Security Layers

This tool comes along with security layers which makes it very hard to hack into your codes. It also helps to prevent cyber crimes.

Security Layers

  1. Encrypted License Files

It is realistic to form encrypted license files for PHP applications. This is created through specific fundamental PHP code which is available on windows.

Encrypted License Files

How Does Coldevprolayer Start Working?

As we explained, it is an advanced technology to protect codes or provide security. Through it, nobody can able to hack your assets or codes. Do you want to know how it works? Here, we elaborated on the working of this tool in detail.

Its working starts by using the blockchain to secure your content or privacy on the internet. It uses a broadcast network to secure material from stealing. A temper-proof ledger of content ownership is formed by using the blockchain technique. It allows users to track the right information and make sure that their content is not pirated or stolen.

This security system also uses artificial intelligence to examine or protect the content. It identified the copyrighted material and removes the content from the internet if it can be used illegally.  It also helps to prevent unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.

How PHP Code is Protected?

It is the best security tool to protect PHP code. The developer can design an encrypted PHP application that runs only in the browser on the user’s device. Through it, nobody can get access to your content on the site. They are unable to hack your account or content and not use it for any illegal intention.

It is a security plugin for WordPress. The important fact about no security plugin is that it will protect you totally from viruses or any malware.  But, it also decreases the chances of attacks on your website. This is a free tool for PHP developers.

It can be used for either new or existing projects and protects them as soon as they are created. An extra layer of security is also provided for the protection of PHP code.


As everybody knows security is essential because it keeps your important data safe from any malware. When you want to protect your data by encryption then Coldevprolayer is the best protector. It protects your assets or content from hackers. We hope so, our study regarding it help you a lot to know more about its basics or working.

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